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CN-106636828-A: High-strength aluminum alloy material patent, CN-106637268-A: 一种金属餐具洗涤剂 patent, CN-106637271-A: 一种去除黄铜波纹管表面锈迹的工艺 patent, CN-106637382-A: 一种ф400高压釜 patent, CN-106637405-A: 无限混熔的铁电固溶体单晶铌钪酸铅-铌镁酸铅-钛酸铅及其制备方法 patent, CN-106638578-A: High-pressure circulation grouting minitype steel pipe pile and construction method thereof patent, CN-106639642-A: Guard rail for electrical equipment overhaul patent, CN-106640136-A: 一种用于隧道衬砌台车的封板机构 patent, CN-106640390-A: 一种钻井用柴油机节能控制系统及方法 patent, CN-106641441-A: 一种抑制涡激振动抗压溃屈曲传播的防腐止屈器 patent, CN-106641468-A: 一种管道阻火圈及其安装工艺 patent, CN-106642243-A: 一种风道无叶轮设计的抽油烟机 patent, CN-106643096-A: 一种回转筒及回转筒烘干机 patent, CN-106644568-A: 一种混凝土钻孔取样机 patent, CN-106646946-A: 一种移动式背光装置 patent, CN-106646984-A: 高分子分散液晶调光结构 patent, CN-1066471-A: 高效多功能处理砂糖的方法及设备 patent, CN-106647260-A: 一种基于相对阻抗的双臂遥操作自适应控制方法 patent, CN-106647566-A: 一种电磁安防综合监测系统 patent, CN-106647848-A: Controllable digital voltmeter control device based on IOT (Internet of Things) patent, CN-106647964-A: 一种计算机用多重防辐射通气装置 patent, CN-106648405-A: 移动终端的控制方法及装置 patent, CN-106650064-A: 一种基于粒子模型的凝结现象仿真方法 patent, CN-106650190-A: Hospital project guide recommendation method patent, CN-106651114-A: 一种基于c2c、b2b、b2c网络平台旅游方法及系统 patent, CN-106651668-A: 一种餐饮账单自动实时分润支付方法 patent, CN-106652938-A: Color temperature deviation adjusting method and system for liquid crystal display screen patent, CN-106653583-A: Preparation method of large-size III-V heterogeneous substrate patent, CN-106653821-A: OLED display panel and display device with same patent, CN-106654225-A: 一种表面包覆的锂离子正极材料的制备方法 patent, CN-106655090-A: 电机驱动器的保护装置及电机 patent, CN-106655534-A: Non-contact electric energy transmission system patent, CN-106655595-A: 用于电力机器的流体冷却的系统和方法 patent, CN-106656160-A: 一种高速电位转换电路 patent, CN-106656441-A: 用于提高车辆至车辆通信的可靠性的方法和设备 patent, CN-106657872-A: 一种电子控制的测量设备 patent, CN-106658320-A: 使用中意频段在第一便携式通信设备和第二便携式通信设备之间交换数据包的方法 patent, CN-106659227-A: Formulas comprising optimised amino acid profiles patent, CN-106659419-A: Magnetic resonance imaging device, and magnetic resonance imaging method patent, CN-106661014-A: Azole benzene derivative and crystal thereof patent, CN-106661822-A: 含氟防水组合物 patent, CN-106661926-A: 井下钻井工具与岩层之间的相互作用的基于形状建模 patent, CN-106661971-A: 阀正时控制装置 patent, CN-106662413-A: Tube bottom and heat exchanger patent, CN-106663190-A: Identification or determination of a load based on texture patent, CN-106663560-A: Trim for electric switch and electric switch with such trim patent, CN-106664179-A: Crest factor reduction of carrier aggregated signals patent, CN-106665105-A: Method for breeding bulbs of bulbus lilii by aid of sunlight greenhouses patent, CN-106665118-A: 一种适应于低温环境的金针菇床栽方法 patent, CN-106665525-A: 一种园林绿化树木的防虫挂件装置 patent, CN-106665558-A: 一种防止鸟巢搭建装置 patent, CN-106665849-A: 一种含胡萝卜汁的羊乳制品及其制备方法 patent, CN-106665872-A: Spicy dried bean curd patent, CN-106667144-A: Display cabinet patent, CN-106668705-A: 回族中药十味消癌颗粒及其制备方法 patent, CN-106668744-A: Hui nationality traditional Chinese medicine curcuma zedoaria and aralia chinensis esophagus cancer elimination oral liquid and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106668869-A: 一种薄膜包衣材料的制备方法 patent, CN-106669225-A: 一种复合脉冲萃取塔 patent, CN-106669325-A: 应用于转炉一次除尘新og系统的高效节能节水喷淋系统 patent, CN-106670151-A: Dedusting and deashing device patent, CN-106670491-A: Chemical preparation method for flake ultrafine copper powder patent, CN-106670645-A: 一种激光加工装置及激光加工方法 patent, CN-106670759-A: Feeding device of feeding mechanism for cutting knife press plate patent, CN-106670873-A: Lathe fixture used for machining belt wheel groove patent, CN-106671826-A: Zero accelerator pedal torque control method for electric vehicle patent, CN-106672586-A: 一种用于茶叶生产线的自动称重装置 patent, CN-106673242-A: Static-pressure oil-water separation apparatus patent, CN-106673685-A: Method for brazing AlON ceramics and boron nitride/silicon nitride composite ceramics by adopting Ag-Cu-Ti brazing filler metal patent, CN-106674737-A: Toughening colorant with high cold resistance and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106676048-A: Method for carrying out spilling separation on ralstonia solanacearum of casuarina patent, CN-106676291-A: 一种从矿石中综合回收铀铌钽的方法 patent, CN-106676547-A: 一种常温除油除锈剂 patent, CN-106677706-A: Control method and system for automatic redressing of winch patent, CN-106678795-A: Refined infrared stove core for Chinese-meal wide-type cauldron patent, CN-106680311-A: Method for monitoring Tg of polymer-based composite material by using carbon nano-paper sensor patent, CN-106681219-A: 一种实时监控及时响应的燃气表故障处理系统及方法 patent, CN-106682046-A: Method and device used for processing multiple Tab pages patent, CN-106682912-A: Method and apparatus for authentication of 3D structure patent, CN-106683331-A: 家庭安全监控方法和装置 patent, CN-106685618-A: Method for sending data frames and related device patent, CN-106685694-A: Method and system for analyzing information system warning correlation patent, CN-106685991-A: 基于无线技术的全生命周期可追溯电能表 patent, CN-1066868-A: 多功能石油产品改质机 patent, CN-106687084-A: Process for making an absorbent article comprising a topsheet/acquisition layer laminate patent, CN-106687802-A: 内窥镜清洗消毒机的控制方法 patent, CN-106688568-A: Grass planting case with water storage function and method for greening slope surfaces patent, CN-106689171-A: 含有异噁唑草酮的除草组合物 patent, CN-106689964-A: Stabilizer for bactericidal fermented protein beverage, bactericidal fermented protein beverage and preparation method patent, CN-106690368-A: Intermittent inclined-drop-pipe-type kiwi fruit quality picker patent, CN-106690439-A: 速干防臭加厚运动中筒袜 patent, CN-106692033-A: Blank gel patent, CN-106692206-A: 黑柄炭角菌菌丝体萃取物保护神经细胞的用途及保护神经细胞组合物 patent, CN-106692224-A: Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of colpitis patent, CN-106692770-A: 一种藿香药汤的制备方法 patent, CN-106693254-A: Telescopic type fire sprinkler patent, CN-106693369-A: 儿童摇椅玩具 patent, CN-106693890-A: Application of biochar adsorbent prepared from rice agricultural byproducts patent, CN-106694876-A: Metallurgy forming device patent, CN-106695601-A: Fluid metal pipe inserted-connection frame patent, CN-106695813-A: 仓库深层储料探查机器人 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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